Coaching Materials

For a free Chess Coach Material Kit, please email and include your name, club/team name, and your mailing address.

Downloads for Coaches

  • Sample Registration Forms (Folder)
  • Sample After School Enrichment Registration Form
  • Sample Chess Camp Registration Form
  • Sample Tournament Registration Form (Simple)
  • Sample Tournament Reg Form (4-page)

Chess Club Documents (Folder)


  • “Chess Parent 101” – Learn from my mistakes and subsequent experience as a parent and coach in this 5 minute slide show.
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  • “You Should Know This!” – This slide show will answer many of your questions in only 12 minutes. I tell you about a) Three Abnormal Chess Moves, b) Eight ways a game can end in a draw, c) What are the 3 kinds of BYES, d) How Swiss System pairings work, and, e) USCF General Info and USCF website.
  • “Welcome to Tournament Chess!” – This quick slide show (7 minutes) makes sure you understand the basics of United States Chess Federation (USCF) tournaments. Subjects include: De-coding tournament format terminology, What is “Touch Move”?, chess clocks (timers), notation (recording moves), spectator policies, and determination of award winners.