Welcome to Chess Coach Resource
welcome page
Whether you are a legendary chess coach already or a parent who is thinking about starting a chess club at your school, church or library, you should find some helpful information on this website.

New Coaches
(“just starting” or “just starting to get involved in tournaments outside our club”)
Go to the Coaching Materials page and spend an hour reading articles about starting a club, and checking out the Chess Club Documents. Also, I recommend going to the ChessParentResource website and watching all three slide shows that you will find under Chess Parent 101. If the parents in your program know this stuff, you probably should too!

Intermediate Coaches
(play at the State Championships, but don’t dominate the competition)
Download the slideshow about utilizing technology (Coach Materials page), check out the upcoming events schedule (Events & Results), see if your team ranks in the Top 10 in the nation for their grade (Ratings & Rankings), and read the current, and a few back issues of my What’s Trending posts.

Professional Coaches
Offer me your advice on glaring absences from the site. Remember, I am trying to appeal to 99% of the coaches in the nation, not those whose teams are constantly on the stage at Nationals.

Also, I want you to check out the Chess in Your Area page on the Chess Parent Resource website to make sure that I’m not missing your club or others that I should have listed (I don’t want to clutter the site with school clubs that don’t admit those outside their school).

Finally, please let me know what cool activities are going on with your club so I can share those with all of the chess coaches out there.

Please introduce yourself to me at Nationals so we can get a photo together and start to know each other.

Finally – please share the Chess Parent Resource website with all of your chess families. Tell them that they can’t ask any questions of you that are answered in the slide shows! ; )

Thanks for doing what you do!
“Coach Jay” Stallings